Derek Mount is an American songwriter, producer, composer, and instrumentalist with a truly diverse portfolio.  Mount has written and played on an impressive palette of art, including significant releases in pop, rock, indie, funk, hip-hop, orchestral music, electronic music, and more.

As a songwriter, Derek has co-written eight number-one hits and fifteen top-ten songs across various radio formats.  He has also released several albums under the umbrella of his record label and production company, Man Night Music (most notably using the moniker of his dynamic compositional project, Brique a Braq).  Mount's songs have been used in feature films (NBCUniversal, Lionsgate), commercials (Nokia, Target), television programs (CMT, MTV, VH1), retail stores (Journey's, Forever XXI), sporting events (ESPN, WWE, NHL, CBS, etc.), corporate presentations (BMW, Wells Fargo, KCRW), and much more. Propelled by an ambitious work ethic, he has scored several independent film projects from tour buses, hotel lobbies, and studios around the world, including a recent collaboration with partner Riley Friesen on several custom soundtrack pieces for RGH Entertainment's animated feature film "Postman Pat: The Movie."   

He performed 11.5 years as the bombastic, multifaceted guitarist and background vocalist for the electro-dance-infused rock band Family Force 5. The group has performed thousands of shows worldwide, including appearances at some of the world's most prestigious tours and festivals (Sonisphere, Bamboozle, Warped Tour, AP Tour, etc.).  FF5 has sold several hundred thousand albums to-date, charted over 40 million collective YouTube views, and garnered considerable recognition in the press (Rolling Stone, Billboard, Spin, Pollstar, AP Magazine's Live Band of the Year, Yahoo's "Who's Next," etc.).

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In August of 2017, Mount collaborated with producer Philip Zach to create "Versailles," the debut album from their adventurous new project, Juno Kids.  The duo forged the minimalistic record using only one analog synthesizer, and are quickly cultivating a following in the IDM/synthwave scene.

Derek plays guitar at various local churches, and he also teaches online guitar lessons to aspiring students spanning the globe. Mount lives with his wife Sarah, and is a passionate fan of football, basketball, podcasts, grilling, and patterned socks.